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Susan appears regularly in the national press. Here is a selection of links to her most recent contributions and interviews.


Brain World Magazine (2018)

A Day in the Life of the Brain Review, The Guardian (2016)

"I dream of an early test for Alzheimer's", The Times (2016)

The Financial Times interview (2016)

The Times: Books interview (2016)

The Times Higher Education Interview (2016)

Mind Change, with Susan Greenfield (2016)

Adults acting like toddlers because of technology obsession, warns neuroscientist - The Courier (2016)

BBC Radio 4 - Self's Search for Meaning (2016)

Great leaders possess unteachable flair - Financial Times (2016)

10 Years Australian Science Media Center (2015)

Brains Active Life Is No Grey Matter (2015)

Is Technology Making Us Dumb And Numb? (2015)

The Mystery of Consciousness, University of Melbourne (2015)

Conversation Hour with Jon Faines (2015)

Why do some men run a mile from intelligent women? (2015)

The MWS Podcast 70: Susan Greenfield on Mind Change (2015)

The Matt Townsend Show (2015)

Is Our Definition of Happiness Changing? (2015)

What Can People Do to Get Better at Learning? (2015)

The Dr. Katherine Albrecht Show (2015)

KZYX Radio Media Interview (2015)

International Innovation- Blazing the Trail (2015)

Mail online- Was Albert Einstein right? (2015)

Up Close, The University of Melbourne (2014)

ABC, Q&A (2014)

The Project, Network Ten (2014)

NRK TV- Skavlan (2014)

The PM Channel- Susan Greenfield

Bristol Festival of Ideas- Mind Change

Chance Motion (2014)- Interview "Emotions Management" with Baroness Susan Greenfield (2014)

Mail Online (2014)- Emotional ties with Baroness Susan Greenfield

E&T (2014)- Baroness Greenfield - is the digital world damaging our brains?

BBC HARDtalk (2014)- Stephen Sackur speaks to Susan Greenfield

Evening Standarad (2013)- Supertask me: is the digital world turning kids into junkies or making them smarter?

Evening Standard (2013)- Wearable Technology, the end of ageing and 24/7 connectivity. Is this the Future?

Mail on Sunday (2013)- Booker Thrill for Brainy Baroness

BBC Radio 4 Women's Hour (2013)- Susan Greenfield Appearance

BBC Radio 4 Today (2013)- Smartphone users "document everything"

BBC Radio 3 Nightwaves (2013)- Dystopian Predictions

The Independent Online (2013)- After the Science, The Fiction

The Times (2013)- 2121 by Susan Greenfield

Finacial Review (2012)- Business beware: technology shortcuts brain power

Finacial Review (2012)- How the internet has hijacked our brains (2012) - The Internet Addiction

The Times (2011) - Are video games taking away our identities?

New Statesman (2011) - Are we all doomed?

Times Online (2010) - Fight Club: Is Screen Culture Damaging Our Children's Brains?

ABC Science (2010) - Trust me, I'm a scientist

New Statesman (2010) - Down with the masters in lab coats.

The Telegraph (2008) - Bewitched by Bacchae

New Scientist (2008) - Perspectives: Reinventing Human Identity

New Scientist (2002) - Sensational Minds

New Scientist (2002) - Still hard to be a woman.


VEJA Magazine (2012)- "The digital environment is changing our brains in an unprecedented way," says Neurologist British

THE SUNDAY TIMES- Relative Values, Oct. 2012

The neuroscientist Susan Greenfield and her mother, Doris (Portrait by Paul Stuart)

Susan and her mum, Doris were featured in The Sunday Times on 21st October 2012. To read the article, which Susan and Doris were interviewed by Sue Fox, please click here.

The Irish News (2012) - Are digital technologies harmful to business?

Susan Greenfield on how social networking sites are changing our moral values

Has social networking changed our morality? 18 June 2012

Susan shares her perspective on how social networking is changing morality on Channel 4's daily religious, moral and ethical opinion show:

Q&A for the Dana Foundation

The New Technologies—a Brain-Changer?

Susan is a member of The European Dana Alliance for the Brain (EDAB) and was recently interviewed by Barbara Rich, Vice President of Communications at the Dana Foundation, where she shared her views on new digital technologies and how they affect who we are.

Susan Greenfield on the Effects of Computers, Part 1

Interview for Urban Times with Stephanie Kramer


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