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Networking Lunch

Posted by on 12 February 2019, 10:42 am

Networking Lunch

On Monday 4th February Baroness Greenfield spoke at a lunchtime meeting hosted by UKAEA about the exciting research that Neuro-Bio is currently working on. The meeting was attended by companies also based at Culham Science Centre, this was a great opportunity for the teams to network and opened up possible partnering with other companies. We are lucky enough to have worked with Aurox, who also spoke at this event. Should you wish to find out more about Neuro-Bio, please visit our website.

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Debate on Children and Young People: Digital Technology

Posted by on 24 January 2019, 10:46 am

Baroness Susan Greenfield took part in the Debate on Children and Young People: Digital Technology which took place on the 17th January 2019. The Debate was moved by Baroness Kidron – The full transcript of the debate can be found here.

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Sharjah Entrepreneurship Festival 2018

Posted by on 29 November 2018, 03:43 pm

Baroness Greenfield had the pleasure of speaking at this year’s Sharjah Entrepreneurship Festival, on the 21st and 22nd November. During her visit she also delivered a workshop on ‘The Neuroscience Of Creativity’.

The Sharjah Entrepreneurship Festival will brought together enterprising individuals and institutions in an environment that will have attendees inspired, informed, and immersed in all that the entrepreneurial ecosystem has to offer. Be it with startups who promise to shake up the status quo, or through speakers who get you to think differently, #SharjahEF is all set to be a celebration of (great) ideas. Make sure to chekc out Twitter for updates using #SharjahEF!

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Online Stress Sumit Interview

Posted by on 8 November 2018, 11:04 am

Technostress (Wikipedia) is the negative psychological link between people and the introduction of new technologies. Where ergonomics is the study of how humans react to and physically fit with machines in their environment, technostress is a result of altered habits of work and collaboration that are being brought about due to the use of modern information technologies at office and home situations.

Baroness Greenfield was interviewed by Tom Meyers for Online Stress Awareness day, 7th November 2018. In the interview they discuss – Does Hi-Tech cause stress?

That was the theme of the INTERNATIONAL STRESS AWARENESS DAY 2018 and the question hosts Tom Meyers and Danielle Sax, asked experts from around the world for their second ONLINE STRESS SUMMIT (2018).

In this podcast version of the summit, host Tom Meyers interviews Baroness Susan Greenfield: Research scientist, author of Tomorrow’s people, ID: The Quest for Meaning in the 21st Century. Click here to listen to the Baroness Susan Greenfield interview on Mixcloud. 

Founded in 1974 as the American Association for the Advancement of Tension Control (AAATC), the Association was renamed as the International Stress and Tension Control Society (ISTCS) in 1981 due to international interest. In 1984, the UK and French branches were formed and the organisation was renamed International Stress Management Association (ISMA) in 1989. With branches in 8 countries and members in many other countries, ISMA has a global reach.

Becoming a member of ISMAUK gives you the opportunity to be involved in an established membership organisation dedicated to excellence and best practice. Keep up to date with the latest Baroness Susan Greenfield new on our official Twitter page. You can read the Baroness Susan Greenfield biography here to learn more about her life and achievements. 

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Waitrose Weekend

Posted by on 11 October 2018, 02:18 pm

Baroness Greenfield has been quoted in a feature for Waitrose Weekend discussing Kate Humble's new book 'Thinking on my feet' which is all about how walks in nature can benefit our mental health. This issue is available to pick up from the 11th October 2018.

Baroness Susan Greenfield has been working on improving mental health and wellbeing for much of her career. Kate Humble's new book has related to Susan's research and her own writing on how the world around us affects our perceptions.

Thinking on my feet has had great reviews, and tells the story of Kate's walking year - shining a light on the benefits of this simple activity. Kate's inspiring narrative not only records her walks (and runs) throughout a single year, but also charts her feelings and impressions throughout - capturing the perspectives that only a journey on foot allows - and shares the outcomes: a problem solved, a mood lifted, an idea or opportunity borne. Find out more about Baroness Susan Greenfield and her work won Dementia on this SCI page. 

In the UK, 850,000 people suffer from dementia, with the number set to rise to 2 million by 2051, Dementia currently costs over £600 million a year worldwide, Mew technology may lead to unprecedented changes in brain development. You can also follow the Baroness Susan Greenfield Facebook page and follwow her latest updates there. 

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‘First Women’ – 100 Portraits by Anita Corbin

Posted by on 26 September 2018, 02:35 pm

‘First Women’ – 100 Portraits by Anita Corbin

Baroness Greenfield was delighted to feature in Anita Corbin’s First Women Exhibition held at the Dyson Gallery. The exhibition celebrated 100 years of inspiring women in the UK. Anita Corbin is a British photographer. Her collections and exhibitions include Visible Girls and First Women UK. The National Portrait Gallery holds eight of her works. To find out more about the exhibition visit their website:

First Women comprises a unique collection of 100 portraits capturing women in the UK who were “first” in their field of achievement. The portraits by photographer Anita Corbin provide inspiration and insight for a new generation of women seeking an understanding of their own roles in a rapidly changing world in which equality is still an issue. The full collection will be revealed in 2018 to mark 100 years of women’s suffrage. 

Keep up to date on the latest news from Baroness Susan Greenfield online. You can also read about the social and emotional effect of social media on children, according to Baroness Susan Greenfield, in her Indepent interview here. Connect with Baroness Susan Greenfield and follow her Crunchbase page.

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New Books Network Podcast - Baroness Greenfield discussing her book YOU & ME

Posted by on 23 August 2018, 10:25 am

Baroness Greenfields podcast with Jeremy Corr and New Books Medicine is now available. In this interview Baroness Greenfield discusses her book You & Me and dives into concepts of identity. To hear her interview click here.

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Riyadh Teachers’ Forum

Posted by on 10 July 2018, 01:00 pm

Baroness Greenfield spoke at the Riyadh Teachers’ Forum in August. This event is designed to accelerate change in the Saudi Arabian education system. Teachers from around the globe will gather in Riyadh to share experiences and expertise with their Saudi Arabian colleagues, discussing the latest in best-practice approaches to a range of issues – everything from teaching 21st century skills to engaging parents in the learning process. Through a series of keynote presentations, panel-based workshop sessions and focus group discussions, the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Education – with input provided by the OECD – hopes to revitalise the country’s teaching profession and equip teachers with the necessary tools to prepare their students for the challenges of the 21st century.

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The Oxford Medical Lecture Club

Posted by on 20 June 2018, 09:59 am

Baroness Greenfield will be talking to The Oxford Medical Lecture Club on June 25th, the talk is titled: A novel approach to understanding and treating Alzheimer's disease.

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Probus event at Phyliss Court

Posted by on 1 June 2018, 10:04 am

Baroness Susan Greenfield will be speaking at the Probus event held at Phyllis Court on Tuesday 5th June, her talk will be titled – The Impact of Technology on Ageing; Insights from the Brain Sciences.

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