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Baroness Susan Greenfield's Seminar at Science World 2011

No one has a brain like yours! Why is your brain so special?" Watch this video of prominent neurologist Baroness Susan Greenfield to find out. Baroness Susan Greenfield lectured about her research when she visited Science World 2011. Here she discusses her current hypothesis on how modern technology impacts the brain. In particular she argues that our growing use of social media such as Facebook, Twitter and You Tube as well as video games, is changing our brains. 

Baroness Susan Greenfield speaking at Fabasoft event in Vienna. ©Fabasoft

Baroness Susan Greenfield, speaking on why today's technological advances are so different from those of the previous century regarding the impact on the human mind. The statement was recorded at the Fabasoft Futuremotion Summit 2018 in Vienna. ©Fabasoft

"Does Hi-Tech cause Hi-Stress" interview with Baroness Susan Greenfield for the Free Online Stress Summit

Preview of Baroness Susan Greenfield interview with Tom Meyers for the upcoming Free Online Stress Summit that will take place o International Stress Awareness Day, 7 November 2018