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Scientific Research & Outreach into Politics, Education & Society

As Professor of Synaptic Pharmacology at Oxford University, Susan Greenfield leads a multi-disciplinary team investigating the physical basis of the mind and its implications for our understanding of human behaviour, work and society.

Through her reputation as a leading scientist, author and thought leader in the dynamics and evolution of the human brain, Susan Greenfield has also extended her reach to influence and inform other aspects of our society.

Scientific Research

Susan’s primary research areas seek to answer some of the biggest questions facing the three stages of the human brain’s lifespan:

Outreach Activities

  • Women in Science - As one of the world’s most prominent female scientists and the first woman to give the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures, Susan is all too familiar with the challenges facing women in science. Learn about Susan's work championing the cause for women in science.
  • Advising Government Policy - Dramatic advances in brain-science research over the last 20 years has led to insights and implications for increasingly wider areas of our society – politics, business and most intriguingly, education.